Who is Definitely Those!? Founder and stylist Penny Marriott is a self confessed fashionphile who adores shopping and beautiful things. She is a highly accomplished speed and sale shopper who just loves it when an outfit comes together!

Her sense of humour and pragmatic approach to style will make a meeting with her fun and informative. You will come away with a fresh approach to shopping and a new understanding of yourself, everything you need to look great!

“I love beautiful fashion, well cut clothes, dressing imaginatively and using style as an expression of who I am.

I believe everyone has great attributes and can look fantastic no matter how large or small, tall or short they are. Helping them to realise that they can look great without changing their bodies is very rewarding and I think people lives can be transformed by helping them to dress themselves better.

I grew up in Cape Town surrounded by all those highly creative fashion designers. After finishing university I went to live in Rome, Italy. I believe this is when fashion really started making an impression on me. No one is as passionate about the way they look as the Italians.”

After a further 7 years in the UK Penny is now back in Johannesburg, SA. Following many requests from friends for help with shopping or wardrobes she realised that this is where her passion lies. So Definitely Those! came into being. So called because if you’re hiring someone to help you dress you’ll definitely want them to be confident and decisive and know their stuff, which Penny does!

Trained by Cape Town based The Wardrobe Studio and working as a consultant for Penchant Design jewellery company for years, Penny now offers makeovers and personal styling for both men and women from all walks of life. She believes looking good can be an ongoing process and using a personal stylist should be as convenient and important as visiting the hairdresser.

Services offered include personal colour coding, wardrobe planning, style advice, make-up and skincare and personal shopping.
Contact Penny: 0833 521 485