Melissa van der Merwe - Legal Consultant and expectant mom
Penny has added style and ‘va va voom’ to my previously very tired and boring wardrobe. Her gentle but honest advice on which items should go and which items should stay was very helpful. But what really assisted me was her showing me how to put outfits together using what I already had in my wardrobe. This exercise also helped identify which items were missing from my wardrobe.

Not yet confident enough to go the shopping trip alone, Penny came with me, which was really the cherry on top. She picked out things I would previously never have looked at or considered even trying on. But when I did try them on, and Penny suggested which outfit from my wardrobe at home the garment would go with, I suddenly got the idea of what I should be looking for in an outfit.

I now have a much more styled and put together look, and when I go shopping I am no longer afraid to try on different things. I can highly recommend Penny as a style guru who has transformed and updated my look.

Lynda Penberthy
Penny is a genius! I knew I needed to improve my look but I never knew where to start. The wardrobe session was brilliant as it highlighted what I should avoid and new styles/colours to embrace. I found it particularly helpful when she helped me “mix & match” outfits from my existing wardrobe.

The shopping experience was loads of fun! It made all the difference having Penny there to make suggestions and illustrate what looks good or what doesn’t. I must be honest – there were a few times when I thought “no ways would that suit me”. But she has a gift and was absolutely right every time! I love wearing all the outfits we bought together!

I often receive compliments that I’m looking much younger and slimmer. I’m feeling so much more confident these days. I’m loving the “new me”. I’m looking forward to having another session next season! Thanks for everything. top

Jon Hillary - Businessman
Penny adopted a friendly and cooperative approach to our session which put me at ease straight away – no Trinny and Susanna antics!

The session was discussion and conversation based which was great – no stranger knows you better than you know yourself and Penny never adopted the attitude that she knew best.

Working through the session in a structured manner helped a great deal to ease the anxiety of my wardrobe being chucked into the dustbin from the outset, which I was quite nervous of. Understanding facts and sharing of knowledge before moving to the actual fit out was immensely beneficial as we could both then attack the clothes with adequate understanding and comfort.

No one likes being told that they don’t look good in something (especially the male ego). Penny was assertive when she needed to be but always applied the discussed principles to any differences of opinion making it easier for me to let go.

I learnt that we all have our comfort clothes and that these realistically represent about 20% of your wardrobe, yet you continuously revert to those 20%. The key is to operate out of your comfort zone for certain occasions.

There are clothes in my wardrobe that are “the business” but that I simply don’t wear. Penny gave me the encouragement to try them on and give them a go. I was pleasantly surprised!

For a male fashion ignoramus, Penny provided a no pressure guideline as to what to steer clear of and what to wear more of, taking cogniscance of body shape and colouring. All good!! top

Sinead Brook - The Makeover Stylist
After having two kids and dealing with the chaos of everyday life Penny helped me find my own personal sense of style which had gotten lost along the way. After following her advice I now feel chic and gorgeous and not afraid to make a statement or follow fashion trends. This has done wonders for my self confidence! top
Marianne Van Geems - Lawyer
Penny was invaluable in getting me to throw away the things I knew looked terrible and never wore and to focus on those things in my wardrobe that could be paired with something else to create an entirely different look. She has given me a better understanding of my body shape and the clothes that suit me and has shown me that with clever layering and the use of longer lengths I can create a different look for myself. I now shop with Penny in my head which means I tend not to pick up those impulse buys that I end up never wearing. Everyone needs a Penny in their wardrobe from time to time. top

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