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There has never been a better time to get yourself together, beginning with your wardrobe. We all know that the impression we make on others is greatly influenced by what we are wearing, what we don’t consider is how it makes us feel about ourselves too. The way one looks is not the whole picture of who you are, but it is your 'shop front'. It is the first thing people see and they will make a subconscious or even conscious decision about a person from the way they look. Here at Definitely Those! I am passionate about helping you look great and feel confident all the time.

So forget about losing those 5kg’s, attaining the perfect fitness or even winning the lottery before you address your image. Do it now because if you feel good on the outside it does wonders for the way you feel inside.

Style Consultation incl. Body Shape and Colour analysis (1.5 hours)

This will be the day you discover what colours make you look fantastic and which ones make people think you’re in need of a good night’s sleep! Together we’ll look at colours on you and conclude which suit you best. We’ll also identify your body shape and you’ll learn ways to make the most of your shape, dress to enhance your assets and hide the bits you don’t like so much.

The aim of this session is to develop a clear idea of your style and wardrobe requirements based on your existing wardrobe, personality, lifestyle and preferences. Together we will discuss your needs and identify your personal style. Understanding all of this as well as your colouring and body shape is what we need to start building a functional and coordinated wardrobe that reflects your personality and the style you would like to achieve. top

Wardrobe Revival with Shape & Colour Analysis

You want to be able to look in your wardrobe and find an outfit you feel good in, quickly! The aim here is to help you do this by making the most of your current wardrobe.

We’ll decide what items are unflattering; don’t fit you, are out of date or just unusable. You’ll learn to mix and match items to make up different outfits that reflect your style and meet the needs of your life. I’ll show you how to wear colour and give you practical advice on how to best dress for your shape. Together we’ll find the clothes that really fit and flatter you!

During this process we’ll be able to identify clothing gaps according to your lifestyle needs, or just a few missing items that would really make it all pull together. We then make a shopping list and I’ll advise on how best to apportion your budget on this. top

Personal Shopping

Armed with a shopping list we'll hit the stores and I'll show you where to shop, how to shop and what you should be shopping for. We will work to your budget and I will help you to make sure you spend it on the right things!

Discover how to select new styles that will compliment your figure, personality, lifestyle and existing wardrobe not to mention making you look and feel fantastic.

If you are pressed for time I can do the shopping for you and you can fit it in the comfort of your own home. top

All in one Package A - Style 101

This package includes a body shape and colour analysis, wardrobe revival and 2.5 hours of personal shopping. An excellent idea for someone who feels they need a little help getting their style in order. top

All in one Package B – Style Revolution

You will come out a new person when we are done; this package insures a thorough style overhaul.

Included is a body shape and colour analysis, wardrobe revival, 2 shopping trips of 2 hours each (to make sure we have enough time to get everything we need). Finally this is rounded off with a wardrobe follow up at home to make sense of it all. We’ll fit your new purchases in with your current wardrobe, showing you how to wear it all together. top


Ad Hoc Consultations

I am available for advice, shopping, fitting, travel packing or any other wardrobe requirement on an hourly basis. You may need some help post shopping to match your new things with your old things, help with sorting out alterations, a seasonal update or accompanied shopping for a special occasion.

I also offer a personal shopping service where I shop for you and deliver and fit the garments. For the busy amongst us this can also be arranged on a shop as needed basis! top

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers can be arranged for any of the above services, beautifully presented in a gift card. top

Contact Penny: 0833 521 485