Trouser length - possibly the most important, the hem of your trousers must skim the floor, i.e. 1 cm – 2 cm from the floor. This elongates the leg and gives a polished look. 

Accessorise - even a nice pair of dangly earrings can liven up the most boring outfit. Diamond studs don’t count, these are a status symbol and not a style statement. They need to be paired with an interesting necklace.
Clothes must be a good fit - forget what size the label says
No red and black, together, EVER – it’s a very hard look, it’s lazy and reminds one of Mike’s Kitchen.
3/4 Pants very rarely are flattering, they make legs look like they have been shortened by 1/4.
Stay away from short tops - even if you have a good stomach, they are unflattering, cut you in half and honestly no one needs to see your stomach unless you’re on the beach.
Shapeless and flowy is not the master of disguise. Flowy and shapely is another matter entirely.
Tuck things in, this instantly gives shape, just remember to wear a belt!

Don’t ever let your bra be visible. If you are wearing a fitted light coloured top, wear a flesh coloured bra with a smooth cup. Nothing cheapens a lovely top more than the bumpy outline of a lacy bra.


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